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peppy02.jpgOur credo: ' in harmony with the nature...'
We consider it very important that we should produce our products using naturally friendly technologies in order to save our natural resources and staying effective. We believe that we should save the natural environment for the next generations using the resources today on such a way that keeps them preserved for the future. One of the main goals in this project is the recycling in which we try to follow the most up-to date EU expectations. The products are mostly made from recycled primary commodities saving also raw material and energy as well making possible to create competitive prices. Decreasing the quantity of paper raw materials during the years means that we can save huge surface of natural environment, so our children will be able to enjoy the blessing of it and also the resources will be at our disposal in the future as well. So we can be worthy of our posy:
 ’Peppy-Trade – the soul of the paper’

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