The Peppy-Trade Ltd.was founded in 2003 as a family innovation. Its development was fast and it was followed later by sales of paper products as well. For today on  the basis of the enlarging know-how and wide professional relationship the continuous development is being maintained. While at first the medical paper sheet was the only product of the company now even the sanitary and catering paper products are colouring the picture. 
Meanwhile on the place of the former familiar business a modern and upcoming factory grew up to fulfill the ideas of the founders in growing capacity. The new tasks created new challenges for the owners and employees as well but the high-qualified team was able to refer to the expectations of the market. As the paper is an organical part of our life we got used to adopt the changes. For today a new, fully modernized huge producing hall represents the company showing the development of the last 10 years. The name of the company is getting increasingly well-known at home and abroad as well. The successes and the name oblige us not only to keep the quality but always increase it higher and higher. So will be the past and the present the pledge of the development in the future.


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