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The Peppy-Trade Ltd. was founded in 2003 as a 100% Hungarian owned hygienic paper producing family business which was based on the more than 30-year-long paper industrial machinery experience. Properly in Hungary we have the widest selection of own produced institutional and industrial paper products which are appropriate to the Hungarian and international market demands as well. We can talk about either different roll products, Z folded hand towel or napkin. Our products have excellent value for money and high quality which is based also on our market position. We plan the continuous and dynamic development on our strong professional skills, experience and cohesive staff. We have been working continuously on getting a decesive position on the market. Connected to our capacity we are ready so technologically as in HR to fulfill our customers demands with complex and high quality services. Our up to date and economical machine park and heavy-duty staff are able to work continuously also for Hungarian and international markets as well. The Peppy-Trade Ltd. highlights the environment conscious producement. Our raw material contain components from renewing and quality recycled sources supporting the maintenance of the long- term-development for our company. The waste part of the raw material is going to be fully recycled.

Peppy-Trade "The soul of the paper"


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